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    The Antipode 
    The Antipode was designed to engage the drinkers focus on taste by requiring sipping at intervals, rather than rapid consumption.
    The diffusion of the frozen coffee cube into the whisky gradually inverts the ratio of each of the drinks individual components, resulting in a glass where the taste balance constantly shifts and ultimately ends at the beginning’s antipode.
    Beginning with a clear dominance of Whisky, true to it taste and flavour. This will slowly transform into a blend of whisky married with coffee. Ending with what can only be described as a pleasant coffee drink hinting of the whisky former self. 
    The joy of this beverage is the forced consideration of every sip, evolving from what is a whisky dominant drink, finishing predominantly as a coffee flavour balance. 
    This drink is intended to give both ingredients there own platform to stand on, marry them as harmoniously as possible, retaining each individuals true characteristic. 
       Square Mile , Sedie Yirgacheffe, Natural.  
    Brew Method : 
    18grams , Ground For Cupping 
    235ml water, temperature 37.5oC
    Inverted Submerged Method
    Double Paper Filter 
    Time 35-40 minutes Brew & Press. 
    20ml 1 to 1 Simply Syrup using a Light Muscovado 
        * Sugar Choice is purely subjective, so feel free to play with it. 
    5ml Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract 
    Mix all liquid ingredients together. 
    Set as 25ml measures in Ice try and freeze 
       To present simply serve Ice in appropriate drinking vessel, with a 25ml measure of your preferred Whisky. The whisky measure should be equal to that of the ice cube. 
    Images Courtesy Of Giulia Mulè
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