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    Coffee kettle and trivet

    by Iacoli & McAllister and Coming Soon Coffee

    US design duo Iacoli & McAllister have teamed up with Hoi Chi Ng of Coming Soon Coffee to design the perfect pour-over kettle and trivet.

    Iacoli & McAllister
    This product design studio was founded in Seattle in 2007 by Jamie Iacoli and Brian Mcallister. Artfully mixing materials such as brass, copper, marble, wood and powder-coated steel, the duo produce angular, pared-back and often sculptural pieces, ranging from paperweights and bottle openers to jewellery, lighting and tables. Iacoli and Mcallister freely admit that the wheels of their design processes are greased by caffeine. 

    Coming Soon Coffee

    Cross an architect with a barista and you’ll have the unusual hybrid that is Hoi Chi Ng. With business partner Matthias Suchert, he set up Coming Soon Coffee in 2011. Originally a pop-up bar at the Exhibit Gallery, London, which he opened while holding down a day job at Jamie Fobert Architects, the concept came to Wallpaper* Handmade last year. Utterly dedicated to creating premium brews by whatever means possible, his search for the best equipment spans the globe. 

    Sourced : Wallpaper 

    Photography: Caleb Charland; Writer: Emma Moore



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    Geometric Perspective


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    Be Mountain 

    OReilly, 29, grew up in Kilkenny, Ireland. At 14, he stumbled into an animation studio that established itself in our home town. Now David is based in LA, and has worked of the likes of “Hitch Hiker Guide To the Galaxy”, many of his own solo project and recenttly acclaimed “HER”. 

    This is his most recent project after finishing up on HER, he decided to create a compute game, like no other. 

    "Mountain" isn’t so much a game as an experience. When you open up the app, which is now available for iOS, Mac and PC, and the game asks you a question that DavidOReilly described in his presentation as "more psychologically invasive than anything Facebook wants to know about you." There are questions about love and hate and how you feel about your mother.

    "Mountain" is generative, which means that each peak it makes is unique. “It literally has billions of different mountains,” OReilly said.


    No controls

    Automatic save

    Audio on/off switch

    Time moves forward

    Things grow and things die

    Nature expresses itself

    50 hours of gameplay

    Once generated, you cannot be regenerated

    GENRE :Simulator, Relax em’ up, Art Horror etc

    Download and begin your Journey as a Mountain  


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    .Tickle .Me



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    Great Coffee In Poland, Part 2: The Marvelous Cafes Of Warsaw →

    P O L A N D 

    D O E S 

    C O F F E E 

    Mr. Frankowski is documenting the land of his birth in a two-part series on Sprudge. In Part 2 of the series, we take a closer look at some of the best cafes in Warsaw, Poland’s capital. 


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    Great Coffee In Poland, Part 1: Cafes Beyond Warsaw →

    V I B R A N T 

    P O L A N D 

    Consider this a heartfelt set of recommendations, and a candid look at Poland’s vibrant–and underappreciated–cafe culture.


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    .P R E T T Y 

    .I N 

    .P I N K 


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    P L A T I N G        

    U P 

    Inspirational images and designs from some of the most innovative chefs and food designers.  Experience, not just consume. 


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    XYZ Integrated Architecture

    The ‘60’ series

      – apparently named after the 60-degree angle in which the pieces of furniture sway off their vertical axis – consists of hand-made furniture which were produced as unique prototypes in 2011 and 2012.


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    Nike+ FuelBand SE UK

    Here are some images of the event we were asked to concept for the Launching of Nike+  FuelBand. 

    The idea was to create an exercise which would demonstrate the kinetic function of the Fuel Band and show the user that even making your morning coffee could burn a substantion amount of energy.

    Execution of all design and layout came from Bruno Vincent . Concept adapted from our Tasting Classes and mat formation. 


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    Ratio is smarter than your average coffee maker. Beneath the exterior is precise brewing science, automated. Ratio is equipped with a powerful heating element. Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature - brewing either too hot or too cold - Ratio consistently delivers water at the ideal temperature of ~200°. 

    Inspired by the precision of manual brewing with pourover kettles, Ratio uses a unique showerhead design to uniformly saturate the coffee grounds. This means a more complex cup of coffee for you – without extra complexity in your routine.


    "You shouldn’t have to be a trained barista to make great coffee, and you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to clean your coffee maker. After brewing, simply rinse out the sturdy glass carafe with hot water, discard or compost the used paper filter, and you’re done. For deeper cleaning every other week or so, Ratio cleaning detergent will keep the water tank and carafe sparkling clean."
    Mark Hellweg


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    Davide Mateus

    Glass balloon for coffee with endurance incorporated. This device allows you to make coffee on the glass balloon with the third of the time which machines that use alcohol lamps.


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    ONE KILN (ワンキルン)


    Its nice to see a point of difference from time to time. 


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