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Creative Coffee Company
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    P L A T I N G        

    U P 

    Inspirational images and designs from some of the most innovative chefs and food designers.  Experience, not just consume. 


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    XYZ Integrated Architecture

    The ‘60’ series

      – apparently named after the 60-degree angle in which the pieces of furniture sway off their vertical axis – consists of hand-made furniture which were produced as unique prototypes in 2011 and 2012.


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    Nike+ FuelBand SE UK

    Here are some images of the event we were asked to concept for the Launching of Nike+  FuelBand. 

    The idea was to create an exercise which would demonstrate the kinetic function of the Fuel Band and show the user that even making your morning coffee could burn a substantion amount of energy.

    Execution of all design and layout came from Bruno Vincent . Concept adapted from our Tasting Classes and mat formation. 


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    Ratio is smarter than your average coffee maker. Beneath the exterior is precise brewing science, automated. Ratio is equipped with a powerful heating element. Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature - brewing either too hot or too cold - Ratio consistently delivers water at the ideal temperature of ~200°. 

    Inspired by the precision of manual brewing with pourover kettles, Ratio uses a unique showerhead design to uniformly saturate the coffee grounds. This means a more complex cup of coffee for you – without extra complexity in your routine.


    "You shouldn’t have to be a trained barista to make great coffee, and you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to clean your coffee maker. After brewing, simply rinse out the sturdy glass carafe with hot water, discard or compost the used paper filter, and you’re done. For deeper cleaning every other week or so, Ratio cleaning detergent will keep the water tank and carafe sparkling clean."
    Mark Hellweg


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    Davide Mateus

    Glass balloon for coffee with endurance incorporated. This device allows you to make coffee on the glass balloon with the third of the time which machines that use alcohol lamps.


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    ONE KILN (ワンキルン)


    Its nice to see a point of difference from time to time. 


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     Is A                    





    Industrial designer and star interior architect Paola Navone renovated and redesigned this beautiful farmhouse of hotelier Andrea Falkner Campi in Spello, Umbria.



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    The Antipode 
    The Antipode was designed to engage the drinkers focus on taste by requiring sipping at intervals, rather than rapid consumption.
    The diffusion of the frozen coffee cube into the whisky gradually inverts the ratio of each of the drinks individual components, resulting in a glass where the taste balance constantly shifts and ultimately ends at the beginning’s antipode.
    Beginning with a clear dominance of Whisky, true to it taste and flavour. This will slowly transform into a blend of whisky married with coffee. Ending with what can only be described as a pleasant coffee drink hinting of the whisky former self. 
    The joy of this beverage is the forced consideration of every sip, evolving from what is a whisky dominant drink, finishing predominantly as a coffee flavour balance. 
    This drink is intended to give both ingredients there own platform to stand on, marry them as harmoniously as possible, retaining each individuals true characteristic. 
       Square Mile , Sedie Yirgacheffe, Natural.  
    Brew Method : 
    18grams , Ground For Cupping 
    235ml water, temperature 37.5oC
    Inverted Submerged Method
    Double Paper Filter 
    Time 35-40 minutes Brew & Press. 
    20ml 1 to 1 Simply Syrup using a Light Muscovado 
        * Sugar Choice is purely subjective, so feel free to play with it. 
    5ml Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract 
    Mix all liquid ingredients together. 
    Set as 25ml measures in Ice try and freeze 
       To present simply serve Ice in appropriate drinking vessel, with a 25ml measure of your preferred Whisky. The whisky measure should be equal to that of the ice cube. 
    Images Courtesy Of Giulia Mulè
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    The Pemberton 
    A throw back to the creator of “Coca Cola” in 1886,pharmacist John Pemberton created cola to substitute his addiction to pain killing after being wounded at war. I decided it was fitting to transform coffee, which is also highly addictive, from its pure state into something perceived entirely different in a playful manor.
    Taking all natural ingredients, I brewed coffee at a lowered but longer temperature in order to retain sweetness and increase acidity.  With this submerged brew, I  adapted its flavours using apple acidity, tart cherry, Lime, natural sugars and a hint of vanilla for a perceived caramel-like flavour. Additionally I added  a multitude of spices for a deep richness and lengthened finish. 
    This drink is something I had been thinking about for some years, as it is designed to confuse your senses, the complexity of acids alone is enough to leave you intrigued and pondering its ingredients, just like quality coffee and funnily enough just like Cola.
    Keeping the tacky theme alive, why not simplify its service by playing on a typical Cola mixer, Whisky + Coke.  Taking something simple, adding a ridiculous amount of complexity, creating confusion, to only serve it simply.  
    Served with Bullet Bourbon. 
    Images Courtesy Of Giulia Mulè


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    This stackable tea set by architect VW+BS is made of unglazed clay that’s meant to soften the taste of whatever you drink from it.

    The Silt range is made of twice-fired unglazed purple clay, which is commonly used in China to make intricate tea pots for serving tea. 

    "The unglazed material has the effect of softening the taste of the water in the same way as activated charcoal," said VW+BS. “This occurs whether you are serving tea, coffee water or wine.”


    Yixing clay is a type of clay from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu province,China. Its use dates back to the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) when Yixing clay was first mined around Lake Taihu in China. From the 17th century on, the Yixing wares were commonly exported to Europe. The finished stoneware, which is used for teaware and other small items, are usually red or brown in color. They are known as Zisha ware, and are typically unglazed.

    Zisha is a mixture of kaolinquartz and mica, with a high content of iron oxide. It is mined principally at Huanglongshan and Zhaozhuangshan and has a somewhat sandy texture. The process of preparing the clay is lengthy and was traditionally regarded as a trade secret. Typical firing temperature is between 1100C - 1200C in an oxidizing atmosphere.



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    Simply Concrete 

    Tadao Ando 


    Ando was born in 1941 in Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan, and raised in Asahi-ku in the city. He led an eventful life, working as a truck driver and boxer prior to settling on the profession of architecture, despite never having taken formal training in the field. He attended night classes to learn drawing and took correspondence courses on interior design.

     Ando’s architectural style is said to create a “haiku" effect, emphasizing nothingness and empty space to represent the beauty of simplicity.



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    Ugly Motorcycles 

    “We wanted to build a bike that would catch your eye first look, but will really draw your full attention on the second head turn. We’ve had people visit the shop and not notice the bike till an hour after BSing, with the common response being “Wait, what is this!” Giving this build the unofficial nickname – The Girl Next Door.”  Brady Young – Ugly Motorbikes

    I am beginning to think I easily could obsess over a bike this ugly. 



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    In House


    London-based product designer David Steiner, fresh out of the Royal College of Art, feels better at home. For his recent project titled In House, where the home transforms into a workshop for making hand-made utility objects.



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    The Fragrance Kitchen

    The Fragrance Kitchen: TFK Store Opens In Kuwait City

    The architects at ARCHJS interpreted Sheikh Majed deep passion for fragrance into the built environment starting with a minimalistic and discreet exterior appearance. The TFK signage, is extruded and back-lit upon the dark facade of the entrance to create a sense of contrast in effort of attracting passing shoppers at Kuwait City’s Al Hamra Mall.

    The laser cut wall feature runs from the wall, up to the ceiling, guiding the consumer toward a multimedia black mirror wall that reflects the wooden wall display in a darker tone. Containing ten LCD screens, the mirror wall  showcases an exclusive collection with each screen dedicated to a different perfume.


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